Our people

Jae Blakley
Jae Blakley, FM, CCA – Founder
Founder and Board Chair

Jae Blakley first became interested in medically-assisted dying when he worked on a palliative care unit as a Special Care Aide in 2011. Though an end to the MAiD ban was still years away, many of Jae’s patients indicated that their preference would be to die on their own terms and not waste away in a hospital bed. 

Flash forward to the fall of 2018. Jae registered the domain www.saskatoonciderhouse.org, and started planning. 

Jae is tremendously proud of the rest of The Cider House’s board members and is enthusiastic about building the brick-and-mortar building.

Diane Rimmer
Diane Rimmer
Communications Director

After a 45 year career in television broadcasting, Diane brings a wealth of experience to the table.

Her own personal struggles with ageing parents with Alzheimer’s and dementia have brought the need for MAiD to the forefront.

Dignity and a person’s personal choices must be considered above all else.

Diane has two grown children and one grandson. She lives in rural Saskatchewan with her husband Dennis, dog Holly and two feline companions Harley Ann and Henry.

Eric Mooney
Eric Mooney

Eric is currently an accounting student in Saskatoon. He previously graduated with a Business Certificate from Saskatchewan Polytechnic. Before his foray into Finance, he worked as an equipment operator, HVAC Service Technician, and a commercial/industrial plumber. Besides work, he has previously served on the board of directors for the Saskatoon Wildlife Federation, as well as volunteering with the Saskatoon Junior Rifle and Revolver Club. Before Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) Legislation was put into place, one of his family members passed who would have wanted to use its services. Since then, MAiD has been an important consideration in his thoughts.

Eric lives in Saskatoon with his partner Geo and several animals.

Kayla Horan-Dmytuk
Kayla Horan-Dmytruk

Kayla-Horan-Dmytruk is a busy mom of a five-year-old. She works way up North and has a degree in Counselling that she received in Vancouver. She is currently finishing up her BA in Women’s and Gender Studies at the U of S and is passionate about MAID. “I believe very strongly in every person’s right to end their life on their own terms. The lack of accessibility in western Canada is alarming, and I very much believe in the work we are doing.”

Carly Fraser
Member at large

Carly has a passion for helping others through difficult life situations, and intends to train as an End of Life Doula. She lives in Saskatoon with her partner and their 7 cats. She likes to garden, crochet, and sew in her free time.